Standard Wire Products manufactures    MIG, EQ, MS wires. The company was established  by Shri P.L. Rajendran in the year 1983.  Under his inspiring leadership, the company has grown in leaps and bounds in the 2 decades of its operation. The company’s General Manager Mr. Palaniappan, a management graduate is in charge of operations. Under their effective management the company has achieved a production of around 19000 M.T of wire products in the last couple of years.  Their  focus on Quality has enabled the  company to  receive the ISO 9001:2000 accreditation from TUV.   



To supply to our clients “ The Right Material at the Right Quality and in the Right Time.”

Production Facilities

The company has the requisite infrastructure to manufacture sizes between  0.80mm diameter to 12.00mm diameter in coils, Cut lengths and spools. It is one among  the major companies, if not the only company  in Chennai to be equipped with this capacity.  

The production facilities include:

1 Fine drawing facility 0.80mm to 2.5mm 
2 Drawing Facility from 2.5mm to 12.00mm
3 Straightening and cutting 0.80 mm to 38.00 mm
4 Annealing Facility
5 MIG welding plant


Product Lines


The various product lines include:


1 Mild Steel (MS) Wire in various cutlengths and coils

Copper Coated Mild Steel (CCMS) Wire in cut lengths


Electrode Quality (EQ) Wire in various cutlengths and coils


Stainless Steel (SS) Wire in various cutlengths and coils


MIG welding wire in various sizes.


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