MS-EQ-CCMS Wire Products


The various wire products manufactured by the company are:

  • Mild Steel Wire (MS)

  • Electrode Quality Wire (EQ)

  • Alloy Steel Wire

  • Copper Coated Mild Steel Wire (CCMS)



The above wire products are drawn using high quality English make machinery Sir James Former Norton machines installed in a shop floor of over 6500 square feet.


  Production Facilities

No. of Drawing Machines:

Around 18  machines  with all other supporting ancillary equipment needed for the production of the the above products.  

Wire Size:

 0.80mm 12.00 mm as per client specifications.

Production Capacity:

450 M.T/ month

Skilled Manpower Employed:

30 persons / day in the drawing shop floor.



In Coils, Cut lengths, Spools / Marathon Spools (150 kg Bobbins)  as per client specification. 


The above wires are used in the manufacture of various products for the Automobile, Construction, Engineering and Fire Works Industry

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